IS ARM Advanced Relay Module

This versatile 1 second to 64 minute ISARMv3 now has a new mode 7 in addition to the previous version’s 6. Timing period potentiometer is replaced by a DIL switch enabling quicker and more accurate time settings. Time range is extended to 64 minutes.


Individual +ve & -ve terminals for trigger and reset eliminate the need for jumper links to select polarity of both.


Auto voltage selection – just connect either 12 or 24volts DC to the power terminals and the ISARMv3 will do the rest.


Operating Modes:


Mode 1      Relay latches on after a trigger – requires a reset

Mode 2      Relay on for the timed period after a momentary trigger

Mode 3      Relay on whilst trigger is present, stays on for timed period after trigger removed, timer resets if trigger re-applied during time period, – thus extending the time period

Mode 4      Relay on after trigger present for more than timed period, off when trigger removed

Mode 5      Relay on whilst trigger is applied for a maximum of the timed period

Mode 6      Timed period starts after trigger is removed, relay on if trigger not re-applied before time out

Mode 7      Momentary trigger, relay on for set time period, off at end of time period. Or if trigger is still present after time period relay on until trigger removed

Operating Voltage
10 - 24 Volts DC
Quiescent Current
15 mA at 12 Volts / 17 mA at 24 Volts
Relay Active
39mA at 12 V 41mA at 24 V
Operating Conditions
-10°C to +60°C
Trigger and Reset
High: >5 V DC Low: <0.8 V DC
Relay Contacts
Min 10mA, Max 8A at 240V AC & 30V DC
Supply Contact
Reverse polarity protected
56mm (W) 90mm (L) 18mm (H)
Packing Weight
Interface Solutions UK LTD

Interface Solutions UK LTD