IS DRT Delay Release Timer

This versatile 1-64 second / 1-15 minute DRT replaces the time adjustment potentiometer with an easy setting DIL switch for more accurate time setting.


Individual +ve & -ve terminals for both trigger and reset eliminate the need for jumper links to select polarity of both trigger and reset.


Auto voltage selection – just connect either 12 or 24volts DC to the power terminals and the DRT will do the rest.


Operating Modes:

Mode 1      Relay latches on after a trigger  – requires a reset

Mode 2      Relay on for the timed period after a momentary trigger. This time period can be cancelled at any time by applying a reset

Mode 3      Relay on whilst trigger is present, stays on for timed period after trigger removed, timer resets if trigger re-applied during time period, – thus extending the time period

Operating Voltage
10 - 24 Volts DC
Operating Conditions
-10°C to +60°C
Trigger and Reset
High: >5 V DC Low: <0.8 V DC
Relay Contacts
Min 10mA, Max 8A at 240V AC & 30V DC
Supply Input
Reverse polarity protected
56mm (W) 90mm (L) 18mm (H)
Packing Weight
Interface Solutions UK LTD

Interface Solutions UK LTD