IS AC/DC Relay

The IS AC/DC relay is a very versatile relay as it will operate on AC voltages ranging from 8 volts to 32 volts, and it will also operate on DC voltages ranging from 10 volts to 35 volts.


The double pole relay is a simple to fit module wherever a dry contact, voltage free switching is required or where there is a need for higher than usual currents and voltages to be switched. The double pole relay is rated at 8 Amps complete with LED indication.


  • Works on AC or DC
  • Automatic voltage selection
  • No jumper links to select voltage
  • Not polarity conscious.
  • Energy saving feature that allows the relay to work at higher voltages


We recommend IS Sticky Feet Size B, self-adhesive mounting pillars to ensure a neat fixing.

Supply Voltage
6 - 32 Volts AC 10 - 35 Volts AC
Coil Resistance
360 Ohms
Nominal Current
Double Pole Relay Rated at:
8 Amps at 240 Volts AC 8 Amps at 30 Volts DC
Minimum Switching Current
10 mA (to keep contacts clean)
56mm (W) x 69mm (L) x 30mm (H)
Interface Solutions UK LTD

Interface Solutions UK LTD