ISM 24T 24 Miniature Volt Transistorised Relay

This is the transistorised miniature version of the IS 24. It is a double pole relay complete with LED indication. It has been designed to allow low current, low voltage signalling outputs from control equipment to activate the relay without overloading the signalling circuits. The trigger voltage may be negative or positive and between 5 and 24 Volts with an approximate current drain of 4 mAmps. The trigger polarity is selected by a plug in link.


It is supplied as an individual unit or in strips of 4 modules.


We recommend IS Sticky Feet Size A, self-adhesive mounting pillars to ensure a neat fixing.

Supply Voltage
24 Volts DC
Trigger Voltage
5 to 24 Volts
Trigger Current
4 mAmps
Nominal Current
30 mAmps
Coil Resistance
1280 Ohms
Double Pole Relay Rated at:
2 Amps at 30 Volts DC
Single: 37m (W) 37mm (L) 16mm (H) Strip of 4: 37m (W) 150mm (L) 16mm (H)
Packing Weight
Single: 24g Pack of 4: 74g
Interface Solutions UK LTD

Interface Solutions UK LTD